You say you're "feminist wedding photographers," but I thought all feminists were judgmental man-haters who shun weddings and romance. What's the deal?
Feminists around the world have different beliefs and priorities that center around dismantling patriarchy/kyriarchy. We work with couples who take their relationship seriously but want to celebrate it in ways that challenge the patriarchal, heterosexist, classist, racist, consumerism-driven norms. And yes, that means different things for different couples. You can read more about our philosophy here.

We want to work with you but we live far away/are having a destination wedding. Do you travel?
Although we call Virginia home, we shoot anywhere couples ask us to go -- from Scotland and Sicily to NYC, Seattle, and rural Idaho. Some of us are better at flying that others, but we make it happen because we feel so strongly about how rad our couples are.

Do you shoot weddings for same-sex/queer couples?
It should go without saying (but sadly doesn't) that we joyfully celebrate partnerships of any and all genders, and we love documenting ceremonies, elopements, and other love parties inspired by all backgrounds, religious traditions (or lack/combination thereof), countries, and cultures. Because feminism.

What is required to book my date?
C. Ro & Co requires a non-refundable 50% retainer along with your contract to book the date. The final amount is due two weeks before your wedding/elopement date.

How much are your services?
Woah now, you haven't even asked us out yet! We like to make sure we're available on your date first before we get to the nitty-gritty budget stuff. 

How long will I have to wait for my photos?
We're happy to provide you with your full collection of digital within four weeks. That is lightening fast; chances are you won't find anyone faster! We also specialize in helping you create lovely, tangible prints and albums so you can still show your photos off after the robot apocalypse destroys the internet.

Do I get a disc of all the high-res edited photos?
No, but instead you'll get a USB of both high-resolution and web-ready edited images.

What kind of cameras do you have?
Professional ones. (We have members of both Team Canon and Team Nikon among us). If you want more details, we can go gearhead.

Can you Photoshop me to make me taller/tanner/thinner/prettier/smaller-armed/etc?
Nope. We're all about realism and aside from light corrections (translation: zits or injuries) we think people are beautiful just as they are.

Can I have or see all of the unedited photos?
Nope. You won't be able to see any unedited photos; but believe us, it's better this way.

Do you know any other cool, funky, feminist wedding professionals?
Thankfully, yes! The people who help keep me sane are Liz Susong and Jen Siomacco, publishers of Catalyst Wedding Magazine (the world's only feminist print wedding mag), non-soul-crushing-bridalshop owner and wedding badass Christine Haines of Urban Set Bride, flower geniuses Leann Moore of Whimsical Floral and Amanda Burnette, and hair & makeup superstars Slingin Pretty

How can I learn more?