nora & nina & tram // brooklyn ny

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to NYC for THREE amazing photoshoots (and possibly the Most Epic Concert I Will Ever See)  and boy was it fun! Because I also have my birthday tomorrow and my art opening on Friday, I will probably only be able to blog one of the sessions before going into full-on cram time. So here you go.

Nora and Nina and their pup friend Tram asked me to take some photos of them for holidaytime postcards; I was happy to make the trip to their pad in Brooklyn because it's my old apartment! They've really updated it a lot (and furnished it with plants that are, you know, not dead) and it was fun to take a stroll down memory lane (and Marlborough Rd). I especially love Tram's perpetually-worried face! 

Richmond VA portraits photographer brooklyn ny
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