Winter Wanderlust Specials!

Are you having an event that's a little bit far away from my homebase of Richmond, VA but you want some sweet feminist wedding photographer energy there? Well today is your lucky day!

winter wanderlust special.png

Sometimes in the winter, like many people, I get a little case of wanderlust (or as my partner calls it, "itchy feet." But that sounds a little gross). This year, instead of moping around looking at beautiful photos of exotic locales, I'm making it extra easy for folks having faraway weddings to bring me along! If you make your booking from today until January 31, 2014 (that's just making the booking, not having your event in that timeframe), there will be NO travel fees for US weddings and HALF PRICE travel fees for international weddings!

And if you're doing an event at one of my international DREAM locales...well, let's talk.

International Wedding Location Wist List:

- Belize
- Italy
- Thailand
- Portugal
- Prince Edward Island, Canada

US Wedding Location Wish List:

- Big Sur, California
- Anywhere in Hawai'i
- Anywhere in Colorado
- Anywhere in Montana
- Anywhere in Oregon

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