Inspiration Friday: Brooke Shaden

Another Friday, another amazing photographer I admire: Brooke Shaden.

Brooke is several years younger than me, which is something that I beat myself up about A LOT (I'm starting too late, I wasted so much time, etc). But since I can't do anything about that, I am trying to focus on the things about her and her work that I can emulate: she is extremely prolific (seems to be shooting constantly), she is experimental (her underwater work is to die for), and she has done an amazing job of leveraging her skills into travel, workshops, and other world-expanding endeavors.

Another thing about Brooke that I think is incredible is that she is mostly self-taught (just like me)! It's fascinating and heartening to see that sometimes, as cheesy as it sounds, just really loving something and wanting to do it all the time can help you get great at something (not to get all Gladwell on you). Although I do have other demands on my time right now aside from just going out into the woods and taking photos, and although I don't have access to sponsorships and technology that would be fun to experiment with, I feel like if I channel my inner Brooke by doing it as much as I can and with as much love for the art as possible, I will be on the right path.

For curious people who want to check out Brooke's awesomeness:

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