Inspiration Friday: Heather Chipps

So, I should first note that even though I meant to post ALL THE TIME on here, I've been so inundated with sessions that things are getting a tiny bit behind. HOWEVER, next week is my reset week and I'm going to have lots of lovely goodies to show all y'all!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to stick to my Friday series, Inspiration Friday, and this week I'm plugging someone extra special: Heather Chipps Photography. Heather is a dear friend of a woman I'm happy to call one of the most wonderful people in my life, and she lives and works from nearby town called Halifax, VA, which is way more rural (ie more gorgeous) than Richmond. And although I've known her a little while, it seems like her photography adventure has recently just EXPLODED with awesomeness!

One thing that I really admire about Heather is her style: bright, beautiful, but never cheesy. Not only does she have a knack for natural-looking poses (and finding the most incredible locations to shoot at!), but her post-production makes her already lovely images really sparkle. She also has answered many, many of my silly questions (what does this button do..?) and is always super gracious and sweet about it.

Another thing about Heather is that because she is constantly posting (and seems to have endless amazing shots), you can really see her improvement over time, which is my #1 goal: to get better at this as I go along! Whenever I'm afraid that I'll "never be as good as ____" I look at my photos from 6 months ago, a year ago, etc, and see how much I've honed my photo skills. When I look back at Heather's older work, I'm still blown away, but I can see the subtle things she has done differently to further develop her style. And I want to learn to develop MY style!

Heather, you are awesome. I hope to be as great as you someday! 

Photo by Healther Chipps Photography

Photo by Healther Chipps Photography

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