inspiration vs discouragement

I have a theory that most creative types fall into one of two categories: people who are inspired by the work of others to do/make/create more and people who admire the work of others but believe that it is beyond their own possibility and get discouraged. Now, I am typically a pretty confident and positive person, but one thing that has been difficult for me in developing my style as a photographer is looking at the work of photographers I admire and NOT thinking, "I can never do work as good as that", "I would never be creative or skilled enough to capture that moment/conjure those colors/create that pose", "Well their style is exactly what I aspire to do and they're already doing it so I should just give up now." etc.

So in order to help re-train my brain to be able to see the work of others not as a condemnation of my own skills but as other voices in a larger art/photography conversation, I'm planning to feature one photographer/team of photographers that I admire every week! Helping each other shine doesn't make us shine less, it spreads the light around (kinda like feminism)!

This week I'm drooling over the work of The Pinwheel Collective, an amazing team of two incredible women who I had the pleasure of meeting several months ago. Not only were they generous enough to talk with me and give me pointers about starting my business and doing more photographer-y things, but they make GORGEOUS photos that I can't stop looking at. Things they have that I think are wonderful: a minimalist and beautifully rustic-yet-modern website; photo colors to die for; an ability to capture natural environments as lovingly as they capture their models. If you want to see some truly stunning work, check them out!


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