sarah & reid // charlottesville, va engagement

My first meeting with Reid, before he was officially my client, was magical. Unbeknownst to me, he was in Richmond for the Neutral Milk Hotel concert at the National, a show that I had tried in vain to get tickets for. To add insult to injury, the coffee shop where we met up was staffed with employees who were excitedly discussing their VIP ticket access to the show; needless to say I was bumming about it. However, when I asked Reid about why he was in Richmond (instead of Charlottesville where he and Sarah live) and he told me about the show, he also added: I actually have an extra ticket; do you want it?

So I knew it was a [photography] match made in heaven! Later, when I met Sarah and realized what a wonderful person she is and what an absolutely perfect couple they are, I was even more thrilled! We spent a short, rainy afternoon in Azalea Park in Charlottesville, snapping away in the light snow. The results are adorably early-winter-y (perfect since they had a Christmas wedding!) and ever-so-slightly Wed Anderson-y (at their request). Enjoy!

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