introducing: catalyst wedding company!

Over the summer, I met a brand-new friend who I can only describe as a soul sister. Liz Susong, owner of Mug of Love Weddings, is a DC-based planner and author of one of the best essays I've ever read about being a feminist who had a wedding. She basically rocks.

After lots of amazing brainstorming sessions, we created a project that combines our love of event planning, education, weddings, feminism, and writing: CATALYST WEDDING CO. 

We started with the idea of building a community for professionals who work in the wedding industry but outside the Wedding Industrial Complex; people who are game-changers in the wedding world, and who push back against tradition. We decided to set up a workshop, styled shoot, and networking dinner (called (un)convention) for vendors who do things "differently" and set our goal at 14 attendees. We envisioned the day as a collaborative opportunity to share ideas, make connections, and enjoy some mimosas. We picked a date (Nov 8), signed on some amazing sponsor/partners, including the incredible Paisley & Jade, Amanda Burnette, and Urban Set Bride, and invited everyone we knew.

Two weeks later, we sold out with twice our goal of participants!

But (un)convention is only the beginning. We're planning to take the photos from the shoot, along with interviews, advice, and stories from progressive wedding vendors across the country, and turn it into a magazine for game-changing couples, Catalyst Wedding Magazine (think Sassy Magazine but for weddings). Have an idea for something that should be in the first issue? Submit your ideas here!

I'm so excited to be working on this project with Liz, as we try to bring the conversation about weddings away from Pinterest-fueled consumerism-and-tradition-land and towards thoughtful, meaningful, equality-embracing celebrations of love. 

 If you want to learn more, check out our website or go "like" us on facebook

PS. Don't worry, I'm still doing photography too! 

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