Good to be home.

When 2015 started, I knew it was going to be busy; but in my mind, it was more of that abstract, thing-you-say-when-you-see-an-acquaintance-at-the-grocery-store "busy," and not the "where-did-all-my-brain-cells-go-and-am-I-fully-dressed" busy. But now that I've returned from my last big trip of 2015 (although I'm still heading back to see my folks for Christmas, but that's a short 3-hr drive), I'm letting the enormity of the year really. sink. in.

Yowza. I travelled to over 35 cities in eight countries. Not bad for a person with a very serious case of flight anxiety! (That's right: I'm a destination wedding photographer who is terrified of planes. Don't worry, I realize it's bonkers. And yes, I will still shoot your wedding in Chile.)

I shot twenty weddings, a smattering of engagement sessions (and mini-sessions), some families and some newborns (mostly for past wedding couples), and loads of just-for-fun adventures. I expanded the TSP team to include my ESSENTIAL Studio Manager, Super Meredith, and have another person about to join the team as well (STAY TUNED). I have been rejected by loads of blogs and accepted by some; attended two photography conferences and put on a workshop myself via Catalyst. I went to Europe twice. TWICE! ON PLANES! It has indeed been a banner year full of trips and expansion and everything going fastfastfast.

But right now, today, in this moment, I am so happy to be at home just quietly toodling along on some lingering photo things, getting to know my 2016 couples, watching a bit of TV, and remembering that I actually love to cook. I plan to round out 2015 with as many bike rides as I can, as many long conversations with friends as I can, and as many tiny moments of love as I can.

Happy Holidays! 

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