a month without weekends: reflecting on a five-wedding may

I'm sure I'm not the only person (wedding professional or otherwise) who was shocked to turn around and realize it's already June. But my May WHOOSHED by in part because I was shooting weddings every. single. weekend. Last year, I swore up and down that I would keep to my max of 20 weddings (I did!) and to do my best to space them out by avoiding double header weekends (success!) and limiting myself to two weddings a month (ha...not so much). But somehow I started the 2015 season with a five-wedding May. Oops?

I will give each wedding their proper blog love, but I wanted to share highlights from each before I head out onto my next adventure (a few days in NYC followed by some time in Alaska with my old boss, Gloria Steinem)! 


Sarah and Ben were married at a vineyard near Leesburg on a gorgeously sunny day. Both of them wanted their wedding day to focus on family (Sarah has an especially large one), personalized details, and staying true to their simple lifestyle. The result was a gorgeous, earnest celebration of love that I won't soon forget. 


Katie and Adam's wedding was more like a wonderful dinner party than a "wedding" (in a good way). After a ceremony by the water in Katie's parents' backyard in Virginia Beach, everyone enjoyed several hours of relaxing and community. But before the ceremony (and after an amazing First Look), Katie, Adam and I went to the beach and took a bunch of lovely, hilarious photos! It was one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever shot, and it was extra special since Katie was a friend from college (and a past president of the feminist club on campus that I started)!


Mandy and Quinn's wedding was huge and gorgeous and took place at the Dumbarton House in Georgetown (Washington, DC). Along with wedding standards like a photo booth and impeccably-dressed wedding party, they had a ton of unique details like a cigar bar (!!), late-night hors d'oeuvres (mini grilled cheese with tomato soup shooters!!), and a fun streamer grand exit! 


Emily and Brady were my first local wedding of 2015! They got married at Mankin Mansion amidst 1,000 paper cranes (yes, they made them), surprise live bagpipe music, and loads of friends and family. Aside from some tears (Brady's) during their First Look, the entire day was smiles and sunshine! And of course, these two goofballs ended up with a little bit of icing on their faces.


Sam and Jon's wedding spoke to me so much that I wished I had done mine more like theirs! They held it at the Wayside Center for Popular Education, and when I arrived they already had a bunch of friends there setting up camping tents and swimming in the nearby swimming hole. They set aside a bunch of time before the ceremony for portraits, had a perfectly community-focused ceremony (complete with their guests encircling them), and enjoyed a relaxed, taking-in-all-in pace for the rest of the night. It rocked!