Why TSP became Carly Romeo and Co [+ GIVEAWAY]

Hello dear friends! Over the past month or so, you may have noticed that a couple things are looking different around here— specifically, a brand-new name, URL, color scheme, and logo (those last two courtesy of Flight Design Co). I’ve been telling myself for just as long (if not longer) that I should write about why and how this change came about, but have been putting it off in favor of editing piles of weddings (with a few family sessions and travel stuff thrown in there). But the time has officially come for me to share with all the world:

Two Spoons Photography has become Carly Romeo and Co! And to celebrate, we're doing a giveaway!

I’m embarrassed to admit that despite being an ardent feminist and lifelong loudmouth type, when I started TSP I was too scared to name my company after myself. It felt conceited to me, even though I know and love plenty of other companies that are named after their founder(s), to which I don’t ascribe that narcissism. I was afraid that people would think I'm self-obsessed; I was afraid that by making my name into “my brand,” I would be inviting scrutiny and pressure that I would prefer to avoid (designer Emily McDowell touches on this in her essay about this topic, which basically advises to not do precisely what I’ve done). Ultimately, I chose a name that was meaningful to me (Two Spoons refers to a tattoo that I share with my best friend Steph). It was cute, memorable, and comfy. And it worked for a while.

In March of 2015, I was about to start my second full-time year of shooting weddings when I met my now-friend, musician Marie Danielle. Marie is a gifted singer and songwriter, and she invited me to join her in Woodstock, NY to capture some behind-the-scenes photos as she recorded her first full album (which happened to be produced by one of my favorite musicians, Simone Felice.) I leaped at the opportunity and spent a few days completely out of my (photography) comfort zone. It was an experience that still sticks with me, a magical creative process on many levels. The only problem was that I didn’t want to tell anyone that my photography business was called “Two Spoons Photography” — it felt cutesy and un-serious. She used some photos from that time on the album art, and I’m credited on as just my name, but that first sense of discomfort started the ball rolling towards a transformation.

Unfortunately like most things having to do with small business ownership, changing the name wasn’t an easy decision to make. I sought the advice of trusted friends and fellow bosses, and had many debates. Some folks thought the TSP name was unique and colorful; some preferred “Carly Romeo Photography” or “Carly Romeo Studios” or simply “Carly Romeo.” 

I wish I could tell you about an AHA! moment that pointed to Carly Romeo and Co but the truth is that there were many factors that got us here. Three main reasons are:

  • I wanted my company name to give me space to work on other projects besides specifically photography, including mentoring and producing events.
  • I wanted my company name to be inclusive of other folks that may someday join the team. 
  • I actually really love my name (despite the lifelong “wherefore art thou” jokes….yuk yuk) and think that it’s memorable enough, as far as names go, to carry some weight.

So there you have it! Carly Romeo and Co will still be providing feminist, inclusive, no-bullshit wedding photography services for the foreseeable future, and you just might see some new projects popping up as well! 


To celebrate this new chapter, we're doing our first-ever GIVEAWAY! Here are the details:

FIRST PRIZE: One free couples, engagement, anniversary or family photography session by Carly Romeo - $500 value. The session will last approximately two hours and you will receive no fewer than fifty photos. Travel fee not included. 
SECOND PRIZE: "Carly's Favorite Things" Box of Treats created with help from Vessel Brooklyn - $200 value. Goodies include items from Aesop, Fig + Yarrow, Nunu Chocolates, and more! 


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