K & L's posh reception dance party

K & L's wedding had so many of the elements that make shooting weddings fun: unique format (private, super-small ceremony on Friday night and a big reception party on Saturday), relaxed vibe (they were firmly in the we-just-wanna-marry-each-other-so-bad camp), style out the wazoo (BRIDAL JUMPSUIT Y'ALL), delicious chocolate desserts (even the photographer's gotta eat, y'all) and plenty of enthusiastic dancing. I almost died of excitement when I first chatted with these two, who are badass law-types. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you just know that you want to hang out with them more? It was that feeling. I arrived at the wedding and felt immediately like I belonged, and there were endless genuine moments of joy and delight to capture. Here are some of those moments from their Saturday celebration.