WEDDING // Sara + Kelsey's Interfaith, Queer, Autumn-in-upstate-New-York Wedding

Today we’re sharing an upstate New York wedding that was plucked directly from our dreams. Kelsey and Sara live in DC, but decided on a Foxfire Mountain House wedding after falling in love with it during their travels. Considering it’s one of the most beautiful venues we have ever seen, we don’t blame them. This place is legit MAGICAL. The foliage, the lake, the interior design, and the house made of windows had us drooling. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.

Sara and Kelsey have one of the strongest and most vibrant communities we have ever seen. Their friends even banded together (literally) to create an engagement scavenger hunt for Kelsey, the finale of which involved Sara surprising Kelsey at their home with dozens of friends and a live performance (i.e. singing AND instruments) of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. There’s a video; we still cry watching it.

Thanks to their incredible community of friends and family (plus one of our favorite wedding planners, Dawn Mauberret), their wedding celebration was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They wove so many beautiful elements together: a ketubah signing, a flower-covered chuppah, a prayer led by Kelsey’s dad (who she did a beautiful “first look” with), live ceremony music, seven friends giving the seven blessings, incredible food including family-style dinner and an entire dessert table, handmade signage and other crafts, a bonfire, unicorn-themed party hats, and of course a raucous hora.

Some people may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by having a "destination” wedding, but having your wedding somewhere that you feel comfortable and at ease is of utmost importance. On average, couples spend the biggest chunk of their budget on their venue (according to this super-fascinating WeddingWire Report) and the environment you get married in sets the tone for the day. So CHOOSE carefully, friends! And if anyone is planning their Foxfire Mountain House wedding, we would love to go back. Hit us up.