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gina & maggie // richmond, va. engagement

Meet Maggie and Gina, two of the sweetest and mutually adoring people you could hope to know. They joined us in Maymont Park for an engagement photo session, and while the weather turned sour, their spirits never did. Sometimes we have to direct couples to get cozy in front of the camera--but these two were naturals!

Lynchburg locals, Gina and Maggie have tight ties to Richmond: Maggie is a VCU graduate and their first date (of 10 hours!) took place in the city. They’re set for a September wedding this year at the lovely Doe Creek Farm, and we’re already excited to be part of the festivities.



sarah & reid // suffolk, va. wedding

Remember Sarah & Reid from their Charlottesville engagement photos? The lovely couple tied the knot December 29, 2013 in a beautiful ceremony at the First Lady of Suffolk, in Suffolk, Va, and we're excited to share a few photos from the wedding.

Together since high school, Sarah and Reid’s wedding was an elegant affair with touches of Christmas lingering like warm cheer. The nuptials were officiated by the groom’s father, Pastor Dan Kerly of Crosswater Presbyterian Church.

We snapped the photos with the couple's interests in mind: Enjoy the warm, whimsical palette inspired by Wes Anderson and nods to the classic film era.

But most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS to the couple!

Reid and Sarah-0240.jpg
Reid and Sarah -272.jpg



Introducing Leigh "Kickass" Ellis, Intern Extraordinaire

Kickass? Can do!

I’ve defined myself in a lot of ways over the past few years as I exited college and entered the world of cover letters and interviews, and the popular “tell me a little about yourself” question throws me as equally for a loop as anyone else. Where do I start? I’m a complicated creature.

My mom and I at a friend's wedding.

My mom and I at a friend's wedding.

So when I heard that Two Spoons Photography was looking for a intern, I did my research and found a company that not only understands complexity, but celebrates it. That’s what kept my attention: Carly and Emaleigh begin where conventional ends.

I’m excited to use my existing knowledge of technology and social media to help grow Two Spoons, and I’m looking forward to working with a community so welcoming and diverse.

Besides, who doesn't want to work for people who use the word “kickass” in their job listing?


Who?  Leigh Ellis, a recent Richmond transplant with a love for technology and literature, but not, in fact, mobile readers. (My Kindle is relegated to gathering dust.)

What? Homo sapiens nerdus -- a subspecies of the Homo sapiens sapiens (the “anatomically modern human”). Your typical nerdus can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons (love it), writing interactive fiction (challenging and fun) and watching Game of Thrones (but really, who doesn't?).

When? Starting now! With coffee! Or tea!

Where? Mostly online, mostly from Richmond, but sometimes in Northern Virginia.

Why? Woman cannot live off candy alone. Also because I’m a sucker for love stories (generally the impetus for weddings), the web is my favorite and writing is the best!

How? With my Intel Core i5-3570 CPU running at 3.40 Ghz with 32 GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti video card. And sometimes with a Mac, when I have to.

Favorite thing about weddings? The dancing (aka, the open bar).

Favorite color? Yellow.

Favorite quote? The Man In The Arena”: The popular and moving excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 speech “Citizenship In A Republic.”