welcome to carly romeo & co.

We’re feminists, and we’re wedding photographers.

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if you thought you were the only person with complicated feelings about this whole wedding thing:

You’re not alone. We totally understand that weddings are a giant blend of beautiful details, problematic crap, family dynamics, decision fatigue, sparkles, relationships, and compromise. If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably really excited and kinda overwhelmed. You want photos that will last, without cheesy posing and washed-out over-editing. You want to look like yourself at your most fabulous, and you want your partnership to be documented with realism and care. That’s what we do.

if you thought all feminists were judgmental man-haters who shun weddings and romance:

Feminists around the world have different beliefs and priorities that center around dismantling patriarchy/kyriarchy. We work with couples who take their relationship seriously and want to celebrate it in ways that challenge the [patriarchal, heterosexist, classist, racist, consumerism-driven] norm. And yes, that means different things for different couples.