welcome to the no-bullshit, unpretentious world of feminist wedding photography.

We’re easygoing, social justice-minded, tissue-packing badasses committed to making every second count while you revel in the festivities.


I quit my job at Gloria Steinem’s office to start my own wedding photography company.

That’s right. I taught myself photography and quit my feminist dream job to start my own business. A lifetime ardent feminist, I made the leap in 2014 after not being able to find someone to shoot my own wedding without a super traditional, Bride-centric approach. Since then, I’ve developed a signature style: true-to-life, candid, and community-focused, subverting the typical contrived “editorial” + cheesy wedding images that flood the internet daily. I’ve also been lucky to meet other folks who want to bring some feminist realness to Wedding World, some of whom are now part of my team! Together we shoot dozens of weddings, elopements and love parties all over the world each year.


we’re FIVE PHOTOGRAphers who give a f*ck

Our work has been featured in The New York Times, Style Me Pretty, Catalyst Wedding Magazine, A Practical Wedding, Richmond Bride, Washingtonian Bride & Groom, Offbeat Bride, and more.

we won the weddingwire couple’s choice award in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Carly Romeo & Co is the antidote to all the one-note wedding photography in the world. Our wedding was a gathering of friends and family who would never be in the same place again, and the fact that they were there to celebrate and support us was what was important to my partner and I. When we explained this to Carly, she just got it. Our photos from the day contain luminous shots of ourselves, but more importantly, the photos she captured of our guests are the ones that make me cry. A wedding goes by so fast, and seeing snaps of kids playing in the setting sun, of my grandpa nursing a glass of red wine, of friends trying to sort out the wonky sound system—those pictures are so important to us.
— S+B