Q. You say you're "feminist wedding photographers," but I thought all feminists were judgmental man-haters who shun weddings and romance. What's the deal??

A. Feminists around the world have different beliefs and priorities that center around dismantling patriarchy/kyriarchy. We work with couples who take their relationship seriously and want to celebrate it in ways that challenge the [patriarchal, heterosexist, classist, racist, consumerism-driven] norm. And yes, that means different things for different couples. You can read more about our philosophy here.  

Q.We want to work with you but we live far away/are having a destination wedding. Do you travel?

A. Although we call Virginia home, we shoot anywhere couples ask us to go -- from Scotland and Sicily to NYC, Seattle, and rural Idaho. Some of us are better at flying that others, but we make it happen because we feel so strongly about how rad our couples are and how much they deserve a photographer that doesn't make them feel like shit about breaking from tradition or feeling weird about weddings.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. We know it's a pain in the ass to not have this listed easily, so we will say that 2020 packages start at $3900, with the average 2019 couple investing $4200. But we like to make sure we're available on your date first before we get excited and start talking nitty-gritty budget stuff. Plus, each of our packages is customized to your needs, which we discuss during our intro call! With that in mind, to set up an intro call please fill out this contact form!

Q. How long will we have to wait for our photos?

A. We're happy to provide you with your full collection of digital files within one month of your event. That is lightening fast; chances are you won't find anyone faster! We also specialize in helping you create lovely, tangible prints and albums so you can still show your photos off after the robot apocalypse destroys the internet.

Q. Do we get a disc/USB of all the high-res edited photos?

A. No, but you'll get an online gallery where you can download all the files (and back them up to your backup location of choice) and easily order prints from our professional-photographers-only lab. USBs are available for an additional fee.

Q. we know you specialize in candids, but Do you do posed family photos?

A. Of course! You will have the opportunity to list any family groupings you would like included in our family formal time on the questionnaire you receive six weeks before your event. Feel free to list them in any order, and we will organize them based on what makes the most sense. For timeline planning purposes, typically we run through 10-15 groupings in 15-20 minutes.

Q. we love what’s on your website, but can we see a full wedding gallery?

A. Absolutely! We will send you as many full galleries as you’d like to see after our intro call — that way, the galleries we send you will be from similar venues or seasons as your wedding (aka we won’t send you an October mountaintop elopement gallery if you’re having a giant beach party wedding.)

Q. you’re the photographers for us! How do we book you?

A. Go ahead and submit our contact form and set up a call, so we can touch base about what your photo needs are and draw up a contract! Your signature and a retainer deposit will claim your date and officially make you part of the Carly Romeo & Co family!