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Our approach to wedding photography is rooted in our feminist politics.

For our couples, that means:

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We capture partnerships with realism, attention to detail, and an intersectional focus.

Capturing an expression of your unique bond is what we do best. Bride worship? Hard pass.

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You will look back at your photos and feel truly seen.

We document people as they are, apart from all the bullshit norms dictating what brides or grooms “should” be, look like, or do.

We document your celebration and your community with care, no matter how much (or how little) it strays from “tradition.”

Your families might be side-eyeing your vegan catering, your drag performer, your non-religious ceremony, your eco-conscious decor, or your unconventional wedding outfit, but we’re here for it.

Are you SO RELIEVED that you found someone that Gets It?

The pictures were just beautiful, and captured the day so well. We did no posing, no weird staging, no grooms as props or other weird princess-bride nonsense. Just laughter, and joy, and love.
— Maddie + AAron
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