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Hi I'm Carly and I'm fucking passionate about a ton of things. Among them: feminism, photography, fairness, and riding my bike. I come from a feminist academic, activist, and professional background (past gigs have included working at Planned Parenthood and on Gloria Steinem's staff) and am always looking to work with people who might have mixed feelings about the whole "wedding" thing. As a self-taught photographer, I've created a simple, candid, comfortable style that resonates with people who don't want to feel fake and cheesy at their own celebration. My other projects include being the director for Feminist Camp in NYC and being a co-founder of the world's only feminist wedding magazine, CatalystI love things like dresscode-free wedding parties, head massages, indie record stores, craft chocolate, and the band The Mountain Goats. I'm not a fan of Patriarchy/Kyriarchy, cooked fruit (yes, even pies), the part about "obeying" in traditional wedding vows, and Donald fucking Trump (EW.)


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Hi! I’m Matt (male feminists 4ever). I'm an unusual photographer because my background is in science (biology, woop woop!), but I’ve been shooting for many years and truly love living this strange juxtaposition of science and art.  As a wedding photographer, I’m all about capturing genuine emotion, real moments (instead of Pinterest poses), and letting peoples’ personalities shine through. I believe that your wedding day should be a reflection of you as a couple and I love photographing weddings that stray from the traditional wedding script (or break it entirely)! If this sounds like you and your plans for celebrating your love, I’d love to talk to you (and your boo) so we can start figuring out how to best capture this beautiful waypoint in your journey together. Things I love include film photography, awesome coffee, road trips (esp. in the Pacific Northwest), Angel Olsen, and capturing genuine emotion in photos. Things I'm not that into: music festivals, drones, pruny fingers, DC traffic, and stressing out a couple on their wedding day (NEVER).

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Hey there! I’m Sarah. I’m a Richmond native, and graduate of the VCU Arts program. I love RVA so dang much! Most of my time in school was spent playing with hammers and torches in the metals studio. Nowadays, my time is filled with photographing some really stellar humans, assisting architects and designers, and raising one feisty little toddler! When it comes to photography, I love to capture sweet moments, authentic love, and out of the box celebrations that tell the story of you and your partner. I want you to feel comfortable being completely you! My favorite things include Wes Anderson films, tattoos, equality, Montreal, Hanson, and pie (esp. with cooked fruit, lol Carly). I'm not a fan of bad drivers, football, Confederate monuments, peanut butter (I know), and CT scan contract dye (which I just learned the hard way I'm allergic to). 



I am a passionate photographer living and creating in Appalachia; West Virginia to be exact. As a really sentimental person, I have always had a love for documenting life and its authentic details. At the age of eight I emigrated to the United States with a suitcase and a few photo albums so I would be able to remember the family that I had left behind in Thailand. As a photographer, I strive to be able to capture the moments you’d want to keep in your photo album. I like watching funny animal videos, drinking black coffee, spending time exploring new places/little towns with my partner in crime, Shane, watching scary movies (and being too scared to finish them), sweater weather, trinkets from places I’ve been, and equality for all!


drew, videographer

Hey there! The name’s Drew. I first discovered my love for light and moving images during a frigid winter in Burlington, Vermont - years later, that love continues to grow as a filmmaker now based in RVA. You’re a rad couple, your story is beautiful, and I’m here to show it through a cinematic visual that’ll bring you all sorts of nostalgic goodness in the years to come. I’m all for filming those authentic moments, & capturing the vibe of your special day through both “in-the-action” & unobtrusive shooting styles. I’m a big fan of NY-style pizza, post-rock & metal, Vermont, typefaces found on old industrial equipment, & guitar amplifiers. I can’t say I’m too fond of seafood, sports analysts or McMansions. 

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My name is Fin and I tighten the nuts & bolts here at Carly Romeo & Co. You’ll see my name pop up often over email. I respond to the small things like fielding inquiries and answering questions. But I also coordinate the big things, like finalizing payments, mailing you presents, and being available when you go into final-countdown-to-the-big-day mode. My full name is Fionnuala (pronounced: fin-new-la). I was named after an Irish legend and born on the Leo/Cancer cusp. I value a lot of things, including - but not limited to - empathy, awareness, intersectionality, beginner’s mind, humor, good food, storytelling, art, passionate people, and love in the many versions it manifests. When I’m not here, I am busy with grad school shenanigans, working on projects like The Conversationalists – RVA, visiting my long distance sweetie, and enjoying life in all ways I know how. I'm really into podcasts, my neighborhood (Church Hill), polaroids, badass power couples, restorative justice, and late 90's nostalgia. I don't love binaries, Short Pump, unchecked privilege, authoritarian teaching styles, and the intimidating first page of a new journal or sketchbook 

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