how we roll:

  1. You make the first move by completing the form below and scheduling a Skype call or coffee date so we can learn more about your photo-related hopes and dreams.

  2. We become instant best friends and play matchmaker, connecting you with the photographer who is the best fit; you claim your date with a $1000 non-refundable retainer and signed agreement.

  3. During the planning stage, we provide cheerleading and guidance when you feel overwhelmed, steamrolled, or when patriarchal/heterosexist expectations are getting you down.

  4. Day of, we keep our focus on what matters: moments and emotions. Afterward, we all hang out and plan our anti-Trump uprising. Together, we work to make the wedding industry a slightly less awful place through the power of feminism (and are friends forever). GO TEAM!

If you prefer, you can email the Carly Romeo & Co Studio Manager, Fin, directly at fin (at) carlyromeo (dot) com!

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The pictures from our engagement session and wedding day are amazing. Seriously. Our photos are unlike anyone else’s and feel so perfectly US. Like Carly’s overall style, the photos of us reflect serious talent and expertise while also being playful and loving.
— Carrie F.