"If you are looking for someone who takes awesome photos, knows how to direct a shoot, but isn't dominating, go with Carly. She was great at communicating with us before and during our wedding weekend, and knew when to push us just enough to get some great shots. Carly brings her own "photo philosophy" which worked really well for us, especially since we're both pretty awkward in front of a camera. She quickly adapted to our quirky Vietnamese-Jewish-Afghan theme and documented not only the details we wanted but also all the surprising and subtle moments that we couldn't ourselves imagine. We got rave reviews from many guests and her candid photos were spot on. Couldn't be more pleased; highly recommended." - Yen and Scott

"We have never come across another photographer so skilled at capturing the genuine essence of a couple. The little things you do with one another, that are usually just your secret--the glances, the secret handshake-type things--Carly gets right in there and freezes those moments that are usually just between the two of you. Her skill is priceless." - Sarah and Matt

"It's difficult to know where to begin. Carly is the antidote to all the one-note wedding photography in the world. Our wedding was a gathering of friends and family who would never be in the same place again, and the fact that they were there to celebrate and support us was what was important to my partner and I. When we explained this to Carly, she just got it. Our (many!) photos from the day contain luminous shots of ourselves, the happy couple, of course. But more importantly, the photos she captured of our guests are the ones that make me cry. A wedding goes by so fast, and seeing snaps of kids playing in the setting sun, of my grandpa nursing a glass of red wine, of friends trying to sort out the wonky sound system---those pictures are so important to us. Carly is ebullient, so enjoyable to be around, but totally even-keeled. Weddings are crazy. You want a flexible, adaptable, easy going photographer. My family loves Carly after our wedding---she climbed a twelve foot ladder to get a few shots that my now-husband wanted, which was a neat party trick that impressed everyone. She accommodates guests as well as she can, while keeping her priority on the bride and groom. Carly runs a smart, compassionate, woman-owned business with values that resonate. She is always striving to do better. Do not wait to book this photographer! Carly---thank you." - Sarah and Ben

"My partner and I are from Sydney Australia and made the decision to elope in New York City with our young son. Therefore I was on the search to find a photographer that would be able to capture our intimate ceremony in New York. After viewing a lot of really tacky and unappealing photographers on the internet, I stumbled across Carly’s website and fell in love with her photographs instantly and immediately followed her Instagram account!

From day one, Carly was so enthusiastic, flexible and beyond helpful. Obviously living in different countries, there were time differences so email was the best way of contact. I have to say, it was the easiest, smoothest experience with Carly and after months of communicating, I felt I had connected and created a friendship with her overtime. Apart from being our photographer, Carly offered advice regarding hotels, places to visit and the process to elope in New York. She went above and beyond to answer all my questions. And when I finally met Carly in person on our elopement date, she was warm, welcoming and extremely lovely-natured and made us feel very relaxed. I didn’t even notice her snapping away (which was a good thing as I am camera shy).

Carly is an outstanding photographer and an even more, outstanding person!! She had captured and documented our special day in a spontaneous, candid manner as we had asked and also balanced it out with some beautiful portraits. My (now) husband and I are extremely happy and pleased with Carly’s photography skills and her beautiful work. I would highly recommend Carly for anyone wanting to elope or is having a wedding. I cannot thank her enough and it was the best decision made to have Carly our elopement photographer!!" -
Maria and Ben

"We feel so lucky to know Carly, let alone to have had her shoot our wedding. I knew I wanted beautiful photos in a photojournalistic style (i.e. not posed and people-focused), but those photographers were super pricey. Carly was technically overbudget, but it was such an easy decision to go over when we hired her because we loved her so much; now I realize we got lucky in getting the same quality for an unbelievable price. She was by far the best wedding-related decision we made, but the quality of her photos is the least of it, outweighed by her experience and efficiency, deft touch with people, and thoughtfulness about marriage generally. I fell in like with her in reading her (smart but not preachy) views on marriage equality and feminism, and that feeling was cemented in person. Closer to the wedding, I just wanted it all over with because our caterer was awful to deal with, and Carly was so sympathetic and upbeat. The day of, Carly took the usual great shots (groom crying at altar as I came down the aisle) but also elicited happy photos from surly in-laws, all while moving everything along quickly. Speaking of: trust her expertise! I was against portraits, but not only did she get great pictures of my husband and I (the least photogenic people ever) by asking questions or chatting to keep us from thinking/smiling awkwardly, she even got great shots with our dogs (incl. the 2x they looked up at the same time). Moreover, the 20 minutes we spent walking from the church to the venue taking portraits were the calmest, happiest ones of the whole day. Even my hyperlogical math teacher dad called her “amazing” and “at one with the spirit of the day.” Finally, her eye is extraordinary. Some of my favorite pictures are of details (compositions?) that never would have occurred to me, like a shot of a vintage window decal in the jazz club hosting the reception, then another through the same window, with the Baltimore skyline background in focus and the decal out of focus." - Julie and Rob

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