playing catchup!

Hello friends! 

I'm so so sorry that I've been MIA from this blog. But don't worry, it's because I've been super busy shooting a billion things! October is already busy because it's Birthday Month (TM) but aside from me and my beau's birthday, me and Emaleigh's art opening, and tonight's Closing Reception and Potluck (last chance to see The Greater Secrets!!) I've been working with some of the most amazing people I've been lucky enough to meet!

Some things you will see on the blog soon: 

- A brisk and historic engagement session at Tuckahoe Plantation

- A gold-glitter-covered wedding in Charlottesville at Old Metropolitan Hall

- A Blue Ridge Parkway fall foliage engagement session

- A rainy day family session in Shockoe Bottom

And several other adventures, road trip snippets, and backyard photo sessions, including an awesome afternoon with Wrong Side Brewing Company  "helping" them make some amazing Naked Mole Rat Chile Porter...featuring their very own homegrown peppers:


 **I am also now looking for a couple models for some personal/creative projects in November. I'm interested in anyone who is fashion-focused/stylish and who has a strong personal aesthetic. We would particularly love working with "nontraditional" models: people of any race, gender, size, ability, etc. If interested, send an email to carly {at}

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