Nags Head, NC: Pizza and Aquariums

The Birthday Lady!

The Birthday Lady!

Earlier this month, some friends and I went down to Nags Head, NC, to celebrate my college roommate Jen's birthday with beach adventures and photography. Despite the chilly weather (mid-40s most of the time!), we had a great time exploring Roanoke Island, visiting the North Carolina Aquarium, enjoying homemade pizza and homebrewed beer, and playing tons of games (and watching a TON of crappy HGTV and Food Network shows. A ton). 

I'm still getting the hang of bringing my camera everywhere (especially because I understand all too well how much it's worth!) and it was fun to have a chance to shoot some of my dearest friends in a variety of spaces--even though sometimes (read: before 2pm) they may have preferred that I not. One of the coolest spots was at the Aquarium, in front of the HUGE shark tank: the light coming from the tank was all dreamy blues and greens and there were tons of weird creatures inside to wonder at! 

One other favorite photo moment was a late-night pizza-dough making session with our long-lost (because he lives in Pittsburgh) friend, Chris. He's spent years perfecting his homemade dough recipe and technique and put his skills to the test during an impromptu demonstration at 2am. There was no dough tossing to be had, but it was still a ton of fun.

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