Richmond Tarot Project: The High Priestess Sneak Peek

I was very lucky to have Samantha Merz model for me yesterday as I continue my work on The Richmond Tarot Project. Sam took the role of The High Priestess, an important (#2!) card in the higher arcana of the traditional Tarot deck. 

"This card assures you to trust your gut, to be passive and wait to respond to provocations instead of provoking responses. The world has many secrets in it to be unlocked and taking the less obvious path to any or all of these answers is the route favored by this card."

Although it was extremely cold, Sam was a wonderful sport and not only withstood two outfit changes, but was shoeless for most of the shoot! I'm still putting the finishing touches on the final shot, but until it's done I'll give these three teasers!

sam shoot possible final 0321-034432.jpg