Pre-wedding Session: Mike and Renae!

I can't even begin to describe how happy I am to share these photos with you--and to share the excitement that one of my oldest, dearest friends is gonna be a groom! When I was a freshman in college, I attended a dance showcase and was wowed by an amazing tap dancer I saw in one of the numbers. After the performance I approached him and expressed how impressed I was, how I'd always wanted to learn to swing dance, but how a fear of dancing with strangers (and tall people, because of the awkwardness) had kept me from trying it out. Mike, being the generous-hearted person he is, proceeded to offer to teach me, one-on-one and free of charge, to dance. For the next couple years we met weekly on campus for swing lessons, and became good friends through the process! I'm so so glad that now, many years later, I got to not only photograph him with his love Renae (a super wonderful woman in her own right) in a little pre-wedding shoot, BUT I get to shoot them on their big day!