summer update!

wow--I really let this blog go for the month of July! Let's call it summer break. But now I'm back to the swing of blogging and have lots of updates! 

Today my beau and I were featured on, where I will soon be a registered vendor! YAY! Almost a year after our little shindig it's nice to get to relive the experience a tiny bit. And it reminds me why I started doing weddings/love parties with Two Spoons Photo in the first place--because of how much I appreciated our photographer and the ability to remember the day so well through his work.

Emaleigh and I are also rounding the last bend of The Richmond Tarot Project! With 7 days left, we're getting closer and closer to our goal and shooting like CRAZY (Three shoots this weekend alone)! The momentum and support has been extremely inspiring. You can see what we've got so far here or here (we have more but aren't publishing them before the show on Oct 4th at Gallery5) and you can see a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff here!

We're also doing a shoot this weekend with the amazing Cristin Morgan of ; later this month we have weddings from upstate NY to the beach! Lots lots lots going on.

For now, here are some shots from our recent trip to FloydFest with our friends The Green Boys! Enjoy! 

FloydFest 2013 Babba Seth
Floydfest 2013
FloydFest 2013
Floydfest 2013 Gogol Bordello
The Green Boys Floydfest 2013
floydfest 2013
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