Inspiration Friday: Carly Bish

PHEW. The past two weeks have been doozies...and the rest of September isn't going to be any different! I purposely left this month wedding-free so that I can focus on printing, framing, designing, and putting together my art show, The Greater Secrets (aka The Richmond Tarot Project)  which is opening in LESS THAN A MONTH, on October 4th at Gallery5. So because of all that's going on, it comes as no surprise that I haven't been blogging much personal stuff (although I did two weddings in August that are just about done and oh-so-lovely). BUT! I promised myself I'd blog every Friday about someone whose work is amazing and inspiring, and here I am. Yes, I'm that stubborn.

This week I'm talking about a west coast photographer named Carly Bish. The first thing I noticed about Carly's work is her AMAZING website design. This was also the  thing that had me sending panicked emails to my friend who made my own website being like "BUT HOW IS HER DESIGN SO GOOD." The colors, the graphics, the layout...everything. is. impeccable. It's approachable but professional...basically awesome.

Now, of course, an A+ website doesn't mean anything if your photos are crap. However, if you think her site is gorgeous, brace yourself. Her photos are fricking incredible. She nails everything: color, posing, framing, closeups, focus, etc. Also, judging by the weddings she shoots, she seems like a generally awesome person to hang out with. Ugh! I can feel the jealousy creeping up as I write this! Must focus on appreciating...and learning! And stealing (borrowing!) ideas and inspiration! Carly Bish, you rock. From, Carly #2.

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