phew! what a spring!

Yeesh! Nobody told me that this first season of being a wedding photographer would be so amazing, exhilarating, and exhausting! It's only mid-May and I feel like I've already come so far...and I wanted to share it with you! Many photographers make monthly goals and put them online, but I'm more of a seasons person myself so I'm making some goals for this SUMMER and I hope vocalizing them will help me stick to them! But first, a recap.

This year, April brought a TON of traveling. I went to two conferences for my day job (one to present on a panel!) and spent some quality time with my partner's family in Seattle (where I also did an engagement shoot with Jessy and David)! Throughout my travels, I learned many things, like how to carry all my photography equipment without breaking my neck; the best way to cope with long flights (Gilmore Girls DVDs and Z-Quil), and where to go for the best vegetarian food in the Pacific Northwest. I sat down with one of my photography heroines, Carly Bish, explored Old Town Alexandria with Maureen and Nathaniel, shot my first wedding in Maymont Park, hung out with Erin and Mike and their BUNNIES, and even saw some whales! All in all, a great month. Oh and I took some photos too:

Jessy and David Engagement Finals -128.jpg

So, May is barely halfway over and already so much has happened!! I went to NYC to document Maria and Ben's elopement (with their adorable kiddo Justice), captured Colleen and David's lovely (vegan) wedding in Charlottesville, shot Alex and Scott's gorgeous wedding at Mountfair Winery, and did Very RVA engagement photos with Nichole and Scott. PLUS this weekend I'm off to the Outer Banks to photograph Emily and David's beachside bonanza and at the end of the month I'm hanging out with Monica and Barry as they celebrate their love! PROOF:

- Enjoy my June off from weddings! I know it's "prime" wedding season but because of my day job I have a very busy June so I'm taking a break from weddings! I am hoping to spend tons of time outside, exploring, eating delicious food, and hanging out with friends!
- Shoot the hell out of the six weddings I have in July and early August. That means noticing more, capturing more, and honing my style more.
- Blog more regularly (everyone says this, I know...): at least once a week!
- Work on updated/improved website and packaging design.
- Run 100 miles!

Anyone else out there have summer goals? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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