things I love // things I don't love

Last week, I was lucky enough to go to a workshop in Nashville, TN, by the fabulous Josh and Meg of Love is a Big Deal. I'll probably be processing what I learned there for a WHILE but one thing they suggested that I wanted to try out immediately is creating a list of things I love / don't love in order to give potential couples a better idea of who I am and what makes me tick. Picking your wedding photographer isn't just about loving the photographer's work, but trusting them and feeling comfortable around them and wanting to spend an entire day with them creepin on you. So for your consideration (and just for fun, honestly):

Train travel
Movies that pass the Bechdel test
Tattooed couples
Feminist couples
Mast Brothers chocolate
Dresscode-free bridal parties
Body positivity
Thai food
Loft beds on the Upper East Side
Gilmore Girls marathons
Head massages
Independent record stores
Sending/receiving postcards
The Mountain Goats

Overuse of "babe" as a term of endearment
Most sports
Couples who don't care about photography
Cooked fruit
Office meetings
Decaf coffee
Unequal partnerships
The non-stop-cell-phone-recording-at-concerts phenomenon
Street harassment
The part about "obeying" in traditional wedding vows
People who ask questions that can easily be answered by Googling



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