Introducing Super Meredith!

Sometimes, when your life is a blur, and you're on the brink of overwhelmed tears at every moment, it can be hard to step back and strategize around what will make thing easier. The past month or two have been an exercise in being overextended but still trying to function as a partner, friend, employee, business owner, homeowner, and general person. I knew I needed help, but I wasn't sure in what ways that would/could/should manifest. Enter SUPER MEREDITH.

Late last week, when I was finally starting to feel grounded again after my trip to Alaska and hadn't started stressing too much about our upcoming trip to Europe, I got an email from an enthusiastic woman who is running her own amazing creative biz, Lightbox Print Co (etsy; instagram) and had seen a post I made in a local Facebook group about looking for an intern. I swear to you, internet, it was like the universe knew exactly what we both needed and plopped us together! Meredith is a badass feminist (who also happens to be planning her own wedding), holds an MFA in Interior Design, doesn't mind using Pinterest, and recently left her corporate job to follow her dreams (but needed a part-time gig to help bolster things). She's organized and doesn't make me feel bad about being a sloppy, capricious artist type (and totally didn't judge me for booking a flight from London to Palermo for June 7 instead of July 7, and not realizing it until June 17th. Whoops). She's basically the coolest, and I'm not afraid to brag that she's on my team officially.

She's more than an intern could ever be: she's the new
Two Spoons Photography Studio Manager. 

If you need to reach her, just email meredith (at) twospoonsphoto (dot) com. Expect to see her around these parts blogging, pinning, showing off photos of the new studio space she's designing for us, and doing any other magical things she wants!

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