Fall 2016 Mix Tape

It feels clichΓ© to say, but music has always been a really important part of my life: I grew up looking through my dad's collection of 1000+ vinyl records and rocking out to classics like The Jackson 5, Paul Simon, and Fleetwood Mac. Now that we all have millions of songs at our fingertips, it can be kind of overwhelming to try to sift through the detritus and find the songs and artists who really speak to you. This fall, I'm dedicating more time to finding music that makes me feel things: the determination to finish a hard workout, the good vibes to turn a grumpy day around, the reassurance that you're not alone in sad moments, the extra dash of delight when you find the perfect song to blast with friends. Here are twelve tunes that are on heavy rotation right now. 

Carly RomeoComment