warning: Not wedding content at alL. 

But music is a huge part of my (Carly) life, and lately I've been dipping my toe back into the long-lost art of the mixtape. Did anyone else make mixtapes for their friends, siblings, unrequited loves, etc? Pre-Spotify, it was quite an ordeal. Pre-Napster it was an even BIGGER ordeal. But to me, music can enhance a mood, or change a meh day into a rad day. So here's one of my mixes, Desert Highway.

Over the summer, I attended a retreat in New Mexico called Mujeres Milagros, which is centered around women in the chocolate industry and those with an interest in chocolate. It was my first time in New Mexico (BEAUTIFUL) and my first really long stay in the desert. As the retreat concluded, I had a chance to drive off the hacienda property and go exploring for a moment with some of my fellow chocolate-makers, so I whipped up this playlist for us and have been listening to it ever since. It's ideal for driving out in the desert with some of your best pals, or really any moment when you're feeling hot and happy and free. Features a Neil Young cover by Shovels & Rope, a track by my new faves the Secret Sisters (who I got to see open for Brandi Carlile recently and BLEW ME AWAY), a little Janelle Monae, a little ZZ Top for comic relief, and (of course) a song by my very more favorite, The Mountain Goats. Enjoy!

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