WEDDING // Andrew + Ryan's New Year's Eve Soiree Wedding

In an attempt to stave off the crushing dread of The News and The State of Our Country, I've been going back and looking at photos taken over the past year that never made it on the blog. Because when you feel hopeless and defeated, one good option is to spread love, loudly and proudly. Special shout-out to all y'all who are planning a wedding but this political climate is seriously putting a damper on your vibe. Stay strong. 

Andrew + Ryan married each other at a FREEZING private ceremony at one of the most beautiful monuments on the National Mall. They continued the celebration with a community ceremony and swanky soirée at a local restaurant, complete with rainbow-and-confetti dance party and traditional Latin American New Year's traditions (see if you can spot the photo of them, and Andrew's mom, with grapes stuffed in their mouths). It was sparkly and beautiful and perfect.