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Time for some very honest talk, y’all: I have been afraid of doing Brand Photography for a really long time. Why? Because I’m afraid that I’m not cool enough. Yup, I said it. Sometimes when people have products that I really admire, I get an inferiority complex and imposter syndrome. HOWEVER. Being mindful of these thought patterns is step one in vanquishing them, right? And step two is putting yourself out there and giving it a shot.


Well, it turns out, I’m pretty good at Brand Photography once I let myself think beyond what I assume Brand Photography “should” be (i.e. white backgrounds and flatlays for days). Brand Photography is about capturing the essence of a brand, from the work or services offered to the personality and vibe of the maker. It’s also about helping (small) business owners elevate their work and inject some polish and authority into their online presence. And guess that? I’m really good at those things.


I found this out by working with Clara from The Wild Wander, one of my studio-mates at Studio Two Three. She is a self-taught illustrator and mother of two whose love for the natural world + exploration has led her to a business centered on drawings of animals, plants, and minerals that are found in each state. Her Field Guides are BEAUTIFULLY letterpressed (or printed on tea towels, t-shirts, etc) and her full-color illustrations are luscious. Before shooting, we discussed the goals for the photos and created a shot list focused on photos of her products that highlight how they might appear in someone’s home, as well as close-up shots of the paper tooth and texture, and then of course some behind-the-scenes photos of her at work, and play, and with her kids.


We worked some photo magic for about three hours in her home, and the results are what you see here. When I sent her the photos she said, “I AM SO EXCITED. I'm still scrolling through but just wanted to quickly say I can't believe how these turned out, you made my disaster home look like my moodboard!”

High quality Brand Photography communicates the quality of your work to your potential customers, and demonstrates to them that you are serious about your business and your brand image. You know in your heart if your existing Brand Photography isn’t serving your brand very well, and I’m not here to judge you for that! I started this very article about how being aware of problems helps you overcome them. I’m here to help you make it better, and get photos that do your work JUSTICE, and show the world how awesome you really are.

We will be taking on THREE more Brand Photography Clients for the next couple months. That’s right, only three, because Wedding Season is Coming. You can click below to be one of those three!

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