Catie + Erin's Low-key, Queer, State Park Wedding

Erin and Catie have a special place in my heart, because they met at a summer camp, just like my partner and I! I’ll admit, their camp was the outdoorsy kind and ours was the nerdy kind (any CTYers out there?), but still, camp vibes are camp vibes. You camp people understand. Erin also has a Mountain Goats tattoo, so they are clearly one of the coolest people alive. Only the best people have Mountain Goats tattoos. Just saying.

But really: Erin and Catie are awesome people who are clearly immensely in love with one another. Their wedding day started with an awesome surprise: Erin surprised Catie during their first look by playing a song on the guitar. You can see Catie’s reaction below, but spoiler alert: everyone was crying.

For their ceremony, Catie and Erin opted for another surprise: rather than walking into their ceremony, they started the ceremony under an beautiful arbor and their community came to them. I am deeply in support of this twist, which felt unique and special (and helped quell any debate about whether or not someone’s parent/father would “walk them down the aisle.”) It was beautiful to see each person’s reaction to their friends standing there looking all fancy and fabulous. Erin wore a stunner of a gown that had a surprisingly poofy overlayer hiding a glam silhouette underneath; Catie wore slacks, a vest, and a fucking mohawk braid. Mohawk + braid.

Part of their ceremony also included planting a small tree together — be still my tree-hugger heart!! They fortified the soil with ashes from bonfires had at the summer camp where they met. I dare you to come up with a more poetic and nature-loving ceremony element.

The ensuing celebration was catered by one of our favorites, Everyday Gourmet, and the dance party was epic (derby skaters are notoriously wild on the dance floor FYI). Of course, we found some time to sneak away and explore the park during golden hour, which was a combination of photography time and “discussing-the-problem-of-being-misgendered-when-wearing-a-wedding-dress” time (PSA: people who wear dresses aren’t always ladies/don’t always use she/her.) We closed the day with everyone blowing bubbles and hugging and feeling so grateful to know these two and be part of their story.

VENUE: Pocahontas State Park

OFFICIANT: Casey Doukopil, EQ Events

CATERING: Everyday Gourmet

JEWELER: Diamonds Direct

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