WEDDING // David + Juana's Private Baltimore Clocktower Wedding Ceremony + Reception Partayyy

Juana and David had their wedding ceremony in one of the most unique wedding “venues” I’ve ever been to: The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. Getting to the spot required an elevator ride, a ladder climb, and some careful stepping around actual giant clock machinery, but it was SO WORTH IT. The intimate vibe — just Juana, David, their officiant, and myself were present — made way for so much beautiful, real, raw emotion and one of the most genuine ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed.

Second-favorite thing about David and Juana’s celebration: THE STYLE, Y’ALL. These two radiate confidence in their quirky selves. Juana rocked the combination of ballgown, glam jewelry, tattoos, glasses (#brideswearingspecs, YES), and leather jacket. David was a dapper dad in a burnt orange wool blazer, jewel-toned bowtie, his own glasses and tattoos, and a rad boutonniere that tied the whole look together. To any other groom considering a non-suit, or a non-traditional-color suit, GO FOR IT. Look at David. Be like David.

After their micro ceremony, we took the limo to pick up their two kiddos and made a quick pit stop at their favorite bar for some pinball. Because couples that play together, STAY TOGETHER, friends. It’s real. After that, we popped over to the Corradetti Glassblowing Studio where their reception party was starting to roll! Moment of honestly: it is very rare for the Carly Romeo & Co team to shoot at the same venue more than once — not because we tend to trash the place, but because our couples hail from so many different locations and have such unique tastes that it just so happens that we’re usually checking out new places every time. However, this is the second wedding we’ve shot at Corradetti (HAY Paige and Roger!) and we 100% endorse it as a place to celebrate your love. The glasswork there is gorgeous and the whole place has a very “art is made here” vibe, which we are all about. So Baltimore-area folks: take note!

Anyway, back to Juana and David. Their reception at Corradetti was a candlelit, colorful, beer-lover’s paradise. Instead of cake, they had an ice cream bar. I brought a polaroid camera for their daughters to play with, so there were polaroids a-plenty. There was dancing, and hugging, and so much JOY. It was epic, and we feel so lucky that we were invited to document it.