WEDDING // Lauren + Tadeu's New Year's Eve wedding in Seattle

As 2017 comes to a close, we've been reflecting on how many couples we've been lucky enough to work with who we would consider our "ideal" clients. Lauren & Tadeu are one of those couples.

I (Carly) met Lauren & Tadeu in 2015 when I was visiting my brother- and sister-in-law in Seattle. I had a spare afternoon so I put out feelers to see if anyone who followed me on instagram would be interested in a free couple's session. Almost immediately I received an email from Tadeu that said he was about to propose to his partner, and he thought it would be fun to surprise her with a photo shoot as well. I was super stoked on the idea of the shoot being a surprise treat, and I asked him to share more about them. He replied: "I'm a second year law student. I'm active in racial justice and prison abolition work. I am Latino (Brazilian) and that is really important to me. Lauren is a fourth grade teacher. We actually met the first day of college because we were both in the same orientation group (I was originally going to be a teacher too, but found that I'm not nearly as patient as I need to be). We are both very family-oriented. We have a cat. We like art. We run." I'm sure you're not shocked to learn that I was immediately struck by knowing that we NEED to be friends and we set the shoot up. Prison abolitionist lawyer and rad molder of young minds? YES PLEASE. When I met them in person, their energy was extremely positive and they had a super strong vibe of support and mutual respect. We had a lot of fun tromping through the rose gardens, fountains, and beautiful plazas of UW, and overall it was a beautifully low-key afternoon. I sent them their photos a few weeks later and crossed my fingers that they would hire me for their wedding.

I was absolutely thrilled when they asked me to document their New Year's Eve bash last December. I didn't realize it at the time, but their planner, Kaleb, is a big fucking deal (and super nice too). I asked around to my Seattle wedding biz friends and I learned that the venue, Sodo Park, would be gorgeous but otherwise I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew it would be glitzy (because NYE weddings, duh) but when I got there and saw Lauren's outfit I nearly died. Then Tadeu's outfit (from Tuxedo Club Seattle) nearly did me in. Then the ceremony decor made me have to stop. and. breathe. Y'all, this wedding was GLAMOROUS (but not stuffy at all) and freaking magical. I will be honest: I was really intimidated and worried that I wouldn't be able to fully capture the joyous, lush, sparkling mood of the day. But looking back at these images I'm not too shy to say that we (myself and my fad second shooter Victoria!) totally nailed it. Thank you, Lauren and Tadeu, for being our kind of people and for choosing us to document your celebration. <3


  • Lauren's hair adornment (not sure the right term for it but it was some Greek goddess shit)

  • The NYE Party Accessory Table they set up which included noisemakers, hats, and confetti

  • The photos they set up in the front row of the ceremony of family members who had passed away

  • The family bolo ties worn by Lauren's brothers and Tadeu


  • Tadeu's mom giving a toast in Portuguese (with the help of a friend who translated), expressing so much pride in her son and reflecting on the journey she has taken as an immigrant and in raising him solo. Not a dry eye in the place.

  • The first look we did just outside the Seattle Public Library - the architecture there is so fabulously geometric.

  • Stroke of midnight confetti explosion - made for excellent photos as well as lots of fun re-dos as people were goofily picking it back up off the floor and tossing it around.