It happened nine days ago, but I'm still struggling to accept that DJT has been elected president. I have spent much of these nine days--with the exception of a weekend facilitating Catalyst's (un)convention at the Quirk Hotel--lying in bed or wandering like a zombie around my house. I've felt mostly numb trying to wrap my mind around this new reality. Trying to adjust to the confirmation that hatred, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia, and disrespect for basically everyone except American-born straight white men aren't only present in our country (DUH) but are powerful and admirable assets.

This shit is devastating, yet predictable. This sucks.

I've seen a lot of amazing critiques from (queer) women of color calling out (white, straight) women like me for the newness of this revelation; many point out that oppression isn't as salient to us when it doesn't directly affect us, but now that Trump has come for all women (in addition to hating on every other minority group), we care. Y'all are 100% right, and I'm sorry. Part of working to be an ally is recognizing my weaknesses and trying to improve in the ways that I can. So instead of sulking around the house more, I'm ready to get shit done. I'm ready to cultivate my own hopefulness through my very own actions. Here's what I've got planned so far:

  1. Organizing a bus of folks to attend the Million Woman March in DC the day after inauguration. We will be doing pre-march get togethers at my house for sign/banner/tshirt making, and training everyone on how to safely demonstrate. We will pay special attention to how the white folks in our group can be active allies during these types of events.
  2. Stocking up on healthcare-related items and non-perishable foodstuffs in the event that access to healthcare or EBT/food stamps is diminished/eliminated. This includes Plan B (emergency contraception).
  3. Doing my very best to take action beyond the internet as much as possible, and not allowing myself to get too worn down by this administration, despite knowing that that's their goal (to tire us out). This includes calling my representatives, talking to my friends and family (especially the conservative ones), confronting hatred whenever possible (including racist/sexist/homophobic/Islamophobic/xenophobic/ableist microaggressions) and not being afraid to be "that girl" in my personal or professional life.
  4. Accepting feedback and criticism gratefully. 

It still feels hard and a little wrong to share blissful beautiful things on this blog and on social media. I'm hoping that changes soon. When it does, though, don't worry: I'm not forgetting all the work we have to do. I'm not forgetting how awful it is that we elected a narcissistic sex criminal to the white house. I'm just trying to share some love across the airwaves. 

With so much love to all of you who are also struggling,

**I want to send a special thank you to all my clients/friends who have had to wait extra time for their images over the past couple weeks. Kathryn + Nick, Camille + Mitchell + Ollie, Hannah + Everett, Seo, Evan + Emily, Ashley + Charlie: I love you. I really appreciate your patience and I hope the photos will be worth the wait!**

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