aka how much you’ll have to spend to
relive your wedding celebration whenever you want for the next 75+ years

It might seem kinda cheesy, but wedding photographers use the term “investment” on their websites for a very simple reason:
because when you choose a photographer, you’re making a decision that will affect your lives faaaaar into the future.

Like basically until death do you part.


The pictures are exactly what we wanted. Not a single cliché pose, but a huge number of really excellent shots that really captured the mood of the day. We keep finding new favorites when we go back and look. Highly, highly recommended.

- SAM A.

Our packages are customized based on your needs,
but they start at $3200.

Ready to do this?

Carly Romeo & Co was technically overbudget, but it was such an easy decision to go over when we hired them because we loved them so much; now I realize we got lucky in getting such quality for an unbelievable price. They was by far the best wedding-related decision we made, but the quality of the photos is the least of it, outweighed by their experience and efficiency, deft touch with people, and thoughtfulness about marriage generally. 
— L & R, 2017